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First Novel – Getting Started

Ideas roll around in your head, you want to write, and you think you can do it, but something holds you back. Fear of failure, or just นิยาย not being sure how to begin, can be the worst kind of writers block. A great way to start is to follow Nike’s advice and just do it. Once you jump in you’ll get a rhythm move forward.

Here are few tips to prepare:

o Schedule a couple of hours in advance.

o Find a quiet place and turn off your phone, IPod, stereo etc.

o Keep a thesaurus nearby, a book or one online.

o Clear your mind of everything you have to do, or didn’t get done.

o Wear comfortable clothes.

o At your computer, open a word doc, and write.

Don’t worry about the technical parts, just get the words written. There will be plenty of time to edit, and edit some more later. As you write, your voice will develop along with your style. Don’t be surprised when you read through your manuscript that your writing has improved. Like anything else, practice makes you better. There is no need to start at the beginning of a story if the middle or ending is what’s in your head at that moment.

Create a writing routine. In the best circumstances you should write every day. Each successful Author will tell you their specific number of hours, or words per day. If you have other obligations, like a paying job, or a family to care for, perhaps you can do it every other day. Make a schedule and keep to it. At the beginning of each writing session, read what you have done the time before and continue from there. During the session or at the end make notes of your ideas so you don’t forget. This can either be done in a notebook or right on the word doc of your manuscript. After time, you will see what works best for you and adjust to it.

Most importantly, don’t give up. If you enjoy the process, and desire to succeed, continue to write. If you lead a busy life like most, you will have to give up something to add writing to your day. It might be another hobby, watching TV, or even sleep. In the end you will be proud to have accomplished your goal.

This is how it went for me, and you can read more on my website listed below. After reading many boring books in a row, the thought occurred to me that I could do it better. That was a tall order I wasn’t sure I could really accomplish since I never had written before. But then as I read I began closely evaluating the plot, characters, writing styles and such.

Resorting to old school ways, I began writing story and character ideas in a notebook. When I felt like there was a beginning to a story I did just as I mentioned before. I sat at my computer, opened a word doc and started writing. In college I remember struggling to get a 3 page paper done, but as I typed the ideas flowed. At ten pages I was astonished, then it was twenty-five pages, seventy pages, and when I hit a hundred pages, no one was more amazed than I was. Each time I re-read potions I was impressed that I had written that.

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